Agri business consistently produces more food on less land and


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One obvious exception, on many levels, is the US base on Cuba, Guantanamo Bay Naval Base. Just as Cuba was a knife in the US side for most of the last 50+ years, so „Gitmo“ has been poking the Cuban government for much longer. Why a naval base so close to US shores, one that the host government does not support, nor gain any material advantage from? The answer is obvious, but is becoming more interesting as relations are finally starting to thaw.

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cheap goyard American agriculture has in many respects been the envy of the world. Agri business consistently produces more food on less land and at cheaper cost than the farmers of any other nation. What could possibly be wrong with that? According to the growing ranks of organic farmers, „slow food“ activists and concerned consumers cited in the new documentary Food, Inc., the answer is „plenty.“ As recounted in this sweeping, shockingly informative documentary, sick animals click over here , environmental degradation, tainted and unhealthy food and obesity, diabetes and other health issues are only the more obvious problems with a highly mechanized and centralized system that touts efficiency and the low costs and high profits that result from it as the supreme value in food production.. cheap goyard

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